Swix Klister K70 Red Quick Spray 150ml 15/16, rött - XXL


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Spray-on klister is more convenient than klister applied from a tube. Klister should be applied in the same area of the skis as kick or hard wax, except perhaps over a bit shorter length. To apply klister, heat up the tube with a propane torch, heat gun or even a heater or car heat vent. Crayon a layer of base binder over your entire grip zone. If you are using a klister binder, dab a thin layer in a cheveron pattern. Using a heat source such as a dedicated kick wax iron, heat gun or torch, smooth out the base binder.

Klister application

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Temperaturområde: +10°C till +1°C; Innehåll: 55 gram  Lim eller klister är samlingsnamnen på det bindemedel i flytande form som används i var sin behållare och som blandas i önskad mängd innan applicering. Express Wax Application . Click through the new TOKO application videos on KLISTER. KLISTERSPRA.

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how to apply window decals from Vistaprint. 3. en diameter på 1,50 mm. Q: Rekommenderar ni någon viss temperatur för applicering?

Klister application

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Video Klister Application (Cross Country) Glide Application Methods. Ironed Paraffins Application; Ironed Powder Application; Roto-corked Liquid Application; Wipe and Go Application; Corked Glide Blocks Application; Fleeced (aka Cold Apply) Application; Ski Base Preparation; Cold Weather Glide Waxing; Warm Weather Glide Waxing; Grip Application Methods.

Waxer) or obias Rath. 30. KLISTER. Klister Blue. Broad range of applications in coarse- grained  High wear resistance on ice and hard coarse snow. Always apply indoors with a waxing iron appr. 110°C (230°F).
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We recommend applying 65-75 cm (2-2.5 feet) from the heel and forward for recreational skiing. If your skis are slipping, apply the klister further towards the tip. Application of Klister. This opens in a new window.

Klarar temperaturer mellan -20°C till +70°C. Vid applicering ska arbetstemperaturen vara mellan  Justerbar i 15-20 sekunder efter applicering. Dropp- och luktfri gel helt fri från lösningsmedel.
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Swix Green Base Klister Spray is one of our favorite products at Gear West. We use it almost 100% of the time. Klisters tend to be applied in single layers by dabbing them onto the ski straight out of the tube. The klister is heated using an iron, heat gun or torch and then smoothed out on the base using an iron or fingers.