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2. To reduce in speed, rate, or intensity: "The president is downshifting his confrontational rhetoric and reaffirming his readiness to talk arms control" (Newsweek). 3. To simplify or reduce one's commitments in (one's life). Downshifting definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation.

Downshifting meaning

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A strange question, one that may cause some to shake their heads in scorn and joke that  Engagement is a tricky term to pin down, shifting meaning in the But the definition of engagement matters, as new currencies circulate in  You might be familiar with engine braking but you do not know the meaning behind Do keep in mind that engine braking and downshifting does not mean the  Nedgången - English translation, definition, meaning, synonyms, power; many in the auto industry are treating it not as a fluke, but as a global downshift. Navigating Life Transitions for Meaning: Altmaier, Elizabeth: Amazon.se: Books. and bereavement), and career (e.g., military deployment, downshifting, and  Levy, Neil 2005: Downshifting and meaning in life. Ratio XVIII s. 176–189.

first gear - Swedish translation – Linguee

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Downshifting meaning

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What does DOWNSHIFTING mean? Downshifting definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! Downshifting definition Downshifting refers to social behaviours whereby individuals reduce the responsibility and complexity in their lives in order to achieve a better quality of existence.
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to become less active; slow down: The economy seems to be downshifting. verb (used with object) to shift (an automotive transmission or vehicle) into a lower gear. Here are the best definitions and descriptions of downshifting I came across: “Downshifting means working towards simple living by making conscious choices to leave materialism behind and move on to “The act of reducing one’s standard of living for an improved quality of life .” — Investopedia Downshifting is a method by which people achieve a simple, often stress-free lifestyle.

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This can cause faster wear of your brake pads.Also, if you avoid downshifting to slow your car, you are likely to use your brakes more frequently. Downshifting is really only a practical option if you drive a car with a manual transmission.