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New fluorescent auxin probes visualize tissue-specific and

At end of incubation, the epithelial mucus was This is an EM section of the proximal convoluted tubule. Note the microvilli forming the brush border on the apical surface. The basal striations in these cells are due to the parallel alignment of mitochondria alongside the basolateral regions of the plasma membrane. Why is there a high concentration of mitochondria on the basolateral surface? The secretions are enclosed in vesicles that move to the apical surface of the cell where the contents are released by exocytosis.

Apical surface

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Maintenance of ASL volume by  The apical surface (apical membrane in a simple epithelium) faces the lumen ( inside of a hollow organ) while the basal or basolateral surface is adjacent to the   each cell has 3 surfaces: an apical (Free) surface, lateral surfaces, and a basal surface attached to the basal lamina. 1- Apical (Surface or luminal) modifications:   The apical surfaces of epithelial cells frequently feature three surface specializations: Microvilli are small processes that project from the apical surface of most  Apical poles project towards the external surface or the lumen of an organ which epithelia cover, which is why they're also called free surfaces or free domains. Abstract At the apical cell pole of the nematocytes of a hydrozoan (Hydra vulgaris ), cytoskeletal elements of different molecular families (microfilaments,  Sorting of a Secretory Glycoprotein to the Apical Surface of Polarized Epithelial Cells* preferentially to the basolateral cell surface, gp80 is secreted apically. Two stages in the constriction of apical surfaces (blue) of a pair of cells in C. elegans. Apical constriction is the process in which contraction of the apical side of a cell causes the cell  Despite the preference for basolateral infection, reovirus was released from the apical surface of respiratory epithelia and did not disrupt tight junctions. These  We report that the small GTPase, ADP-ribosylation factor 6 (ARF6), is present only on the apical surface of polarized MDCK epithelial cells.


Epithelia cells are polarized with an apical surface that faces the lumen of a tube or the external environment and a basal surface that attaches to the basement membrane. The apical and basal surfaces perform different functions and have unique biochemical compositions. Epithelial cells are continuously renewed. The apical surface of epithelial tissue refers to the outward facing side of the tissue made up of the apical side of the epithelial cells.

Apical surface

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Abdomen grey, upper surface.

M5916. Brief description. Genes encoding proteins over-represented on the apical surface of epithelial cells, e.g., important for cell polarity (apical area).
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HALLMARK_APICAL_SURFACE. Systematic name. M5916. Brief description. Genes encoding proteins over-represented on the apical surface of epithelial cells, e.g., important for cell polarity (apical area).

̶ Shape of cells at apical surface. 8  Third, epithelial cells exhibit polarity with differences in structure and function between the exposed, or apical, facing cell surface and the basal surface closest to  Generally, conventional root canal therapy is all that is needed.
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Periodontitis: Inflammatory reaction of the tissues surrounding a  Cytokine Secretion, Viability, and Real-Time Proliferation of Apical-Papilla Stem Release of titanium after insertion of dental implants with different surface  av M Jönsson · 2002 · Citerat av 242 — B, detail of A showing that expression of Wnt-5a is most marked at the apical surface of the epithelial cells, whereas there is no staining of the underlying  av K Shahgaldi · 2010 — the apical 3D echocardiography view offers superior visualization. majority of its surface and is contained within the bony cage of the thoracic cavity, the. 0714 · Microvilli form on the apical surface, while filopodia seem to be limited to the basal region. Centrioles are apical, and many microtubules are oriented  Hair point brown at base, hyaline in upper half. Apical cells of lamellae ovate, thin walled (cross-section) their upper surface papillose.